Sunday, November 23, 2008

the library...

(( sorry for the shitty res.. i used my cell phone cam ))

i've always been inspired by really great design. i'd taken a number of courses over the years, i know photoshop pretty well, i can do basic web dev... but i don't really have the creative capacity to put it all together. i just know what i like and i know what i don't like. this morning i was at barnes & noble flippin' through print magazine. there was some pretty ill package design featured in there and some other stuff as well. the image below struck me because 1) i thought it was pretty clever & 2) it brought back some childhood memories.

most children (at least on tv) dream of being astronauts, veterinarians, singers, etc... not me. from kindergarden my first dream profession was to be a librarian. it wasn't even that i loved to read at that age. i just liked the idea of maintaining an inventory. perhaps that's why i ended up being a vinyl record dealer? not to say that i've cataloged every thing in dewy decimal, there was a point in time where everything was organized by genre and cataloged properly into a spreadsheet.

these days, i probably wouldn't be a librarian... but i have thought about working or volunteering at a library. i do like to read.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

introducing "recession halloween"

shortly after halloween i had a phone convo with my homie, vanessa from new york (well, actually she's from here, but now lives in ny, ya dig?). she explained what recession halloween is. i couldn't stop laughing and urged her to send me pictures to post as an example for y'all.

recession halloween = halloween for folks feeling the effects of the financial crisis on the their pocketbooks aka half ingenuity, half straight up ghetto. the way it works is the folks participating pull together closet finds and duck tape to keep halloween funky!

see examples below...

"trinity from the matrix"

"stepped on gum"


"pumpkin costume $0, matrix costume $0, bubble gum on shoe costume $0, the looks on peoples faces when they saw our ghetto ass costumes = priceless" -vanessa

Sunday, November 2, 2008

halloween with the biz!

Halloween, probably the only time of year I don't mind hearing dancin' it up to novelty songs like, 2 Live Crew 'Me So Horny' & Eminem 'Slim Shady'... Here's some memories from the night.

The Butt-Out Pants remind me of this too...