Sunday, November 23, 2008

the library...

(( sorry for the shitty res.. i used my cell phone cam ))

i've always been inspired by really great design. i'd taken a number of courses over the years, i know photoshop pretty well, i can do basic web dev... but i don't really have the creative capacity to put it all together. i just know what i like and i know what i don't like. this morning i was at barnes & noble flippin' through print magazine. there was some pretty ill package design featured in there and some other stuff as well. the image below struck me because 1) i thought it was pretty clever & 2) it brought back some childhood memories.

most children (at least on tv) dream of being astronauts, veterinarians, singers, etc... not me. from kindergarden my first dream profession was to be a librarian. it wasn't even that i loved to read at that age. i just liked the idea of maintaining an inventory. perhaps that's why i ended up being a vinyl record dealer? not to say that i've cataloged every thing in dewy decimal, there was a point in time where everything was organized by genre and cataloged properly into a spreadsheet.

these days, i probably wouldn't be a librarian... but i have thought about working or volunteering at a library. i do like to read.


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