Thursday, August 6, 2009

Saturday, August 15th - Featuring: Impromptu Trio & DJ Bluz

I was debating whether to have a birthday shindig this year. Around the time of my birthday, I usually have 4 different dinners. One with my fam and three others with certain groups of friends and co-workers. I looked into having my party at different bars in the city, somethin' real casual, DJs spinnin and people mingling, having a good time. Long story short, I looked into it and gave up. It seemed like much to plan.

As I was booking for the August events schedule at Spice Monkey ( a restaurant that's the bomb, by the way ), it occurred to me that I really wanted one of my best friends, Hyp and his new band to perform.

Last month, he put together a ensemble called, "Impromptu Trio" consisting of Hyp playing Harp and periodically a handheld drum (I know that sounds mad ignorant, i'll ask him what it's called, ha!), Nyambezi on guitar and Christine Banks on violin. They played for a dinner crowd at Spice Monkey and y'all... IT WAS THE BOMB. I'd never seen anything like it!! I truly wish more folks had been there.

I saw my wish to have a birthday get together as a perfect opportunity for the world to see what I saw. Sadly, last minute we found out that Christine will be out of town. The GOOD NEWS is that instead vocalist, Tiffany Stewart will join Hyp & Nyambezi in Christine's place. So all is not lost and in a way, it's still an "Improptu Trio". (smile*)

Thanks to rmamisay for flyer design (below). And to everyone reading this, please join me on Aug 15th.