Wednesday, May 27, 2009

"what would you buy if you won the lottery?"

i was having a conversation with brigidope and he asked me... "what would you do with your money if you won the lottery? meaning... you have access to everything and you've already paid taxes. what would you buy the next day?"

here was my answer.

*i'd go through the bridge toll crossing a couple times and drop $100 bill to pay for my toll + the folks behind me.

*pay off all of my record store consignments (approx. $500 worth).

*3 pairs of designer jeans that actually fit (i've gotten way slimmer over the past months, my pants don't exactly fit anymore).

*new carpet + installation for my parent's house.

*a pair of dark kicks.

*a new sink/cabinet for the upstairs bathroom at my parent's house.

*buy a two or three $100 southwest gift cards to randomly use later + give one to my cousin jen to fly up from san diego.

****all other purchases take thought, research and consideration.