Thursday, March 20, 2014

I'm Back! And It's 2014!

Within the past couple years I thought that I'd abandoned this blog forever. Since then a lot of things have changed and progressed. A colleague and I (which I will introduce later) agreed that we were both going to create blogs for ourselves. I kept talking about how "I used to have a blog" and for the past 3 months have been trying to figure out an AWESOME NAME for a new one.

It wasn't til 2 days ago that I said to myself.... My old blog name is awesome, it is what birthed the name of my business that is still running today and (excuse me for my nerd/tech language) from an SEO standpoint, it makes complete sense for me to use it because it has content and established links!

So here I am, a little more than 3 years after my last post. I'm back!

What's new with me is...

1) MeetGeraldine has expanded from a blog and website design company to a business strategy, marketing and design company with a (currently 11 person team) called, "MeetGeraldine".

2) We have an office based in downtown Oakland.

3) I am thinking of (actually going to) finally release all of the music I made from the late 90s to early 2000.

4) I have chosen to dedicate 2014 to listening to others, hearing their greatness and accepting their wisdom. 

5) I drive a Volvo.

6) Years ago, I sold off all of my equipment. But TODAY, I just ordered a new DJ Controller.

Lots to tell. Stay tuned.