Tuesday, July 8, 2014

I'm A Sound Snob

I grew up in the 80s with a family that loved music. My parents loved to sing karaoke and cha-cha. My sister loved to dance and listen to new wave / pop / freestyle and... umm, The Jets. What genre is that? I guess R & B? (R & B has so many different styles, but anyway...) My brother was a DJ spinning everything from hip-hop (public enemy, beastie boys, sir-mix-a-lot) to cha-cha to new wave / synth-pop  / freestyle (yaz, duran duran, will to power, trinere).

I love all of the above, attend many concerts, listen to A LOT of music. Always have.

One of earliest memories of hearing loud music was sitting in my brother's black fiat convertible. These days people like lots of bass or big sound with rattling trunks. For some reason at that time, my brother and his friend were into tweeters with HIGH TREBLE. My brother was so excited to show this to me, so we road around in his convertible listening to some public enemy and paris on blast. It was horrible! I didn't like it at all.

That being said, since then I've had a love for mids and lows. On the flip side, a sensitive ear to treble. When I'm at the club, a concert, anywhere. If there's just a bit more treble then I like... I make a face and shake my head (c'mon sound guy!!).

I'm a sound snob.

For the past 2 years, I'd been yearning for the right set of earbuds that can suit my need for decent mids and lows. I'd went through several different types. Even those wooden ear buds that are supposed to have really good acoustics and good tones. I've spent up to $100 on ear buds and returned them every time.

I finally found ear buds with acceptable mids and lows for... $11 and free shipping with my amazon prime account!!

They are the Monoprice Enhanced Bass Hi-Fi Noise Isolating Earphones. Don't get me wrong, these are not the best of the best... But for $12, I'd buy multiple pairs to keep in my office, my bag and my bedside.

Finally! Reviews that are reliable, thank you universe. And if they break, I'll buy em again.