Thursday, October 2, 2008

hello brooklyn.

i took a trip out to brooklyn, new york a few weeks ago that totally changed my outlook of the state. i used to travel there heavily when i worked in the corporate music industry. my previous experience of ny was always crowded, hectic and the weather sucked (hot and humid) and people were mean.

this time around i stayed for 7 days, the weather was perfect mid 70's with a cool breeze. i spent time with some chill, down to earth folks, ate some really great food and got to know new york in a different way. it was a great vacation... just what i needed to come back and get back on track in the midst of multiple projects.

the next few posts will be the images i've captured throughout the trip. hello brooklyn and what's good new york?

chillen on thuy's stoop clinton hill (brooklyn) a block from biggie's spot....

biggie lived here...


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