Monday, September 29, 2008

the best wedding ever...

On September 13th, 2008 we attended the best wedding ever... ever... no really, ever.

Every single detail was well thought out.

Here's what made it special...

First off, the venue was amazing - village estate in yountville.

At wedding rehearsal the bridal party each got an iPod Shuffle with our initials on the back and the wedding date! Plus... One of my favorite beers: Tsingtao.

The place was huge. My team was hired to film so we had to create a tight gameplan and a nicely wrapped gift. Okay, we were the ones who planned that part... I just wanted a reason to put our notes/map on here.

The bridal suite used to be a spa. It was SO nice. I should've taken pictures of the upscale pedicure/sink seating area. However, this was one of my highlights... We watched SOUL TRAIN on the big screen while getting ready!

Dinner was on point! Gourmet everything, the photos tell it all...



The taco truck came at 12 midnight and stayed til 1am. THAT was the knock! Unlimited free tacos!

Ya know... Dancing and drinking can make your stomach growl! They know us all to well...

Roger and Elaine, you are my heroes.

photo credit: thanks to melissa for the dinner photos. images.


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