Thursday, February 12, 2009

Getting Picked Up By Old Men... Is Not the business.

As I approached the entrance of the Downtown Berkeley BART station (on Shattuck Ave) I was approached by a man who was probably in his 50's. I was going to get onto the escalator and he stopped me...

The convo went like this.

Old Man: "Hey, you have 30 cents so I can get on the train."
Geraldine: "Sure, actually... I don't have 30 cents, but I can give you a dollar is that coo?" (I was in a generous mood today)...
**I then proceed to take money our of my pocket.**
Old Man: **he sees a $10 bill**
"Oooh. You gon' give me that ten? You're pretty."
Geraldine: "Here's a dollar, what's your name?"
Old Man: "Steven, can i... can i... Come to the side real quick. You have a phone number that you can give to me?"
Geraldine: "I do have a phone number but I cannot give it to you."
Old Man: "Why not?"
Geraldine: **sticks out her hand to shake his**
"It was nice meeting you Steven, have a good day"
Old Man: **sticks out a finger for me to shake, since he's holding the dollar in the rest of his hand**

"Getting Picked Up By Old Men... (and at BART) Is Not the business."


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